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The Granger Family has been living and serving in the east end of Richmond, VA since 2008; as they have learned more fully how to seek God as a family, they have found God inviting them into increasingly crazier situations.  Whether it's the time He invited them to pursue a house that was impossible to get, or to leave their jobs and their home to pursue Him more deeply, they have come to know that God is God, and God is good.

Paul has been serving in inner-city ministries since 2005, with a focus on shepherding others as they seek to "love God and love others".  He currently serves with Youth With A Mission in Virginia as Interim Campus Director of YWAM City Lights, is President of New Visions Civic League, facilitates a Community Bible Study, and hosts the "Where did you see God?" Podcast.

Becca has served as a teacher, a children's pastor, and a preschool director during her time in Richmond, with a passion for equipping youth and their families to know who God is and who He has created them to be.  She currently teaches at Imago Dei Neighborhood School as a kindergarten teacher.

The kids are also engaging daily with what it means to "love God and love others," often teaching the adults a thing or two about trusting God.

Paul is 100% supported by God's provision and the generous gifts of others, as he seeks to open his life and home to his community.

We are excited for you to follow along, so that together we can learn more about who this God is, who He has created us to be, and how that can change everything.

We are deeply grateful to all who choose to support us financially!

Walk with us

God is up to some amazing things, and we would love for you to join us as we share all that He is doing!

Grangers serving Richmond