Guest spot: The Victorious Souls Podcast
"The struggle to find your way"

Paul shares his story of being in a difficult work environment, how God invited him to stay though things wouldn't get better, and how He was up to abundantly more.
Live Video

Guest spot: Come to Jesus Podcast
"An invitation to follow Jesus"

Paul shares how he came to know and follow Jesus, and how that is accessible to all of us.

Guest spot: Your Daily Meds Podcast
"God is God and God is good"

Part 1: "Taking arrows for others"
Part 2: Testimony Tuesday

Guest spot: Real. Raw. Truth Podcast
"Where did you see God?"

Keri, Robbie, and Paul explore how anyone can seek God, no matter what their situation is.

Guest spot: Bleeding Daylight Podcast
"Seeing God"

Exploring how we can find God in the midst of struggles.

Guest spot: Bring it Home
"Hearing God's voice"

Exploring the concept of hearing the voice of God.

Guest spot: The On My Mind Podcast

Sharing lessons on Christ-led Leadership.

Guest spot: let god die Podcast
"Eyes open to God at work"

Exploring what we've learned about God though our stories and those of others.

Guest spot: WOVE Inspiration Podcast
"Race and George Floyd"

Discussing race, the death of George Floyd, and the response of the Church.

Guest spot: Creeds & Deeds Podcast
"Testimony Tuesday"

Sharing my personal story for "Testimony Tuesday".

Guest spot: The Lamp-post Listener Podcast
"Prince Caspian, Chapter 4"

Discussing "Prince Caspian", Chapter 4: The Dwarf Tells of Prince Caspian, from The Chronicles of Narnia.

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