A Journey through Revelation

(For the person who doesn't want to read Revelation)

A FREE Resource for you that journeys through Revelation.

Guest spot: "Bleeding Daylight" Podcast

Exploring how we can find God in the midst of struggles.

Guest spot: "The On My Mind" Podcast

Sharing lessons on Christ-led Leadership.

Guest spot: "let god die" Podcast

Exploring what we've learned about God though our stories and those of others.

Guest spot: "WOVE Inspiration" Podcast

Discussing race, the death of George Floyd, and the response of the Church.

Guest spot: "Creeds & Deeds" Podcast

Sharing my personal story for "Testimony Tuesday".

Guest spot: "The Lamp-post Listener" Podcast

Discussing "Prince Caspian", Chapter 4: The Dwarf Tells of Prince Caspian, from The Chronicles of Narnia.

YWAM One Family Advent Service

Celebrating the hope, joy, peace, and love that the season of Advent reveals.

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