Week One
"Hearing the Voice of God"

In episode 30, we kick off Season Two, which will follow our family as God takes us on a crazy journey to grow closer to Him, grow as a couple, and grow as a family, all so that we can return ready to love our neighbors long term.  We've landed at YWAM Kona and are students in the Family Discipleship Training School, and in just a short time, it is clear that God is unveiling His incredible plan.

This week, we practiced how we can grow in hearing the voice of God (and you can too!)


Week Two
"The Father Heart of God"

In episode 31, we share stories from week 2 of our Family DTS, where Bryan and Tara Riley, the founders of the Family DTS, shared about "The Father Heart of God.

Week Three
"Become Like Little Children"

In episode 32, our kids give us a glimpse into why Jesus said in Matthew 18:3, "...become like little children."  While the adults are growing closer to God through the DTS, the kids are growing closer to God through the Foundation School; and in many ways, they are putting us grown folks to shame! Keep listening to hear how God told one of our kids who to pray for, and how he chased her down in the rain!

Week Four
"Marriage Week"

In episode 33, we dive deep into the topic of marriage.  We were challenged to step back and humbly consider some hard, but freeing truths, like "your spouse is not the source nor the solution to your problems," and "the enemy doesn't want your marriage to last."   This episode is for those who are married, those who are single, those who are happy, and those who are struggling.

Week Five
No episode

Try as we did, busy schedules and challenging situations kept us from getting an episode out for this week; we share a bit more in Week Six

Week Six
"A Lifestyle of Freedom"

In episode 34, we step into the difficult space of engaging strongholds in our life; these are ways the enemy keeps us from seeing and believing who God is, and who He's created us to be.  The good news: God has given us the ability to destroy those strongholds.

Week Seven
"God is Provider"

In episode 35, we find that what we've learned in the "Identity and Destiny" week, and the weeks prior, prepared us to witness a miracle in provision. No joke, money came from the cross.

Ephesians 3:20 — Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us... 

Week Eight
"Don't be afraid, it's just Spiritual Warfare."

In episode 36, we talk about "Spiritual Warfare."  Depending on your upbringing and experiences, that phrase can make you feel plenty of ways.  We want to make it clear that 1) God is powerful, 2) as his children, we have access to that power, and 3) the enemy is a liar, and has already lost.

We spend time sharing what we've learned about engaging in spiritual warfare, and how we had to put what we learned into practice sooner than we expected.

Week Nine
No episode

Try as we did, busy schedules and challenging situations kept us from getting an episode out for this week; we share a bit more in Week Ten.

Week Ten
"God’s unexpected plan for Outreach"

In episode 37, we share why it is that we are serving some of our Outreach in the city we've been serving for years.  What we thought was a decision we were making for our family, was actually an amazing, complex plan God was unfolding before us... and one He is still unfolding!

"The Dream"

In episode 38, we tell the story of how God used a simple dream to make it abundantly clear that this Outreach was HIS idea, which gave us what we needed to move forward in confidence.

This image is of the powerful moment when Maria remembered her dream.

"Literal steps of obedience"

In episode 39, we tell the story of how God used a near hit-and-run to give us a chance to share God's personal love with a guy we didn't know.

Series Finale
"The Top 10 of Outreach"

In episode 40, we wrap up season two by sharing our Top 10 list of ways God impacted us through the DTS Outreach, and how He can impact you as well.

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