What makes this different

At it's core, this is a Spirit-led, authentic, accessible space where we will talk as though we are two friends on a porch, and see where God takes the conversation.  The hope is you will come away feeling like you connected with God, and aware of a simple step you can take towards Him.

What makes it unique is we will record the audio of our time for one or two powerful scenarios:

  1. You will have a recording of the conversation to come back to later, or
  2. You will give the green light for it to be shared on the Where did you see God? Podcast to serve as an encouragment to others!

Why this could encourage you

  • Sometimes we just need to be heard.  While others around us may offer solutions, there are times you simply need to process what's going on internally
  • There's power in the "ministry of presence".  Connecting with another can be powerful, no matter what is or isn't said in the time.
  • The Spirit can move.  We may think we know what we need to say or hear, but in invting the Spirit we are welcoming "abundantly more than we could ask or imagine."
  • Your story matters.  You may feel alone in your struggle, but I can guarantee there are others out there that could be encouraged by your processing, even if just to discover they are not alone!
  • You will have an "ebenezer" of this part of your journey.  Like an old journal entry, this will remain a powerful snapshot that you can come back to for years to come.

What this is not

  • This is not counseling or therapy; there are many who are trained to serve in this way.  My role is to create a space where you feel safe to process, and where we are open to how the Spirit may want to work.
  • This is not a session to fix problems or get answers; I believe if we "Seek first the Kingdom of God", we will find much of what we need will follow.  I also believe God's definition of "need" may differ from ours, so solving problems may actually be counter-productive!

How it works

  1. Request a time.  Click below to find an hour time slot that works for you, where you can be in a quiet, focused space.  Conversations average 45 minutes, with attentiveness to God's timing.
  2. We will start by praying to invite the Spirit to guide the time.  We may have our ideas of what the time should be, but I've learned God's ideas are always better.  He may lead us to talk about things we didn't expect!
  3. Then... we just talk!  This is not an interview, nor a podcast session, nor a teaching; this is you and I talking as though we were friends on the porch, open to wherever the conversation goes.
  4. Finally, I'll ask a few questions and we will close in prayer.  Those questions include:
    • Would you be open to this conversation being shared with others on the podcast? (It's always okay if you say "no" or "not yet", because this is not about making episodes, but what God may have for you!)
    • If yes, is there anything that you'd like edited out?  This can include a story you don't want made public, or any names you shouldn't share.  I will work to remove those as cleanly as possible.
    • Based on our conversation, what is a simple next step you could take toward God?  This could be nothing more than a toe nudge, because enough of those will still take you far!


  • If you're not a pastor or counselor, what is it you are providing?
    • According to the APEST gifts (Ephesians 4:11), I can see how God has cultivated the Shepherding gift within me throughout my life.  In much of what I do, he's allowed me to 1) see others, 2) see/hear them in ways others might not, and 3) know how to create authentic, accessible space to process things.  I know this is not from me, but through the Spirit, so I approach this work humbly and prayerfully.
  • What can I do in this time?
    • Share a story or lesson that's important to you
    • Ask some questions you've been processing
    • Come in with no agenda, just a willingness for God to work
  • Do I have to know what I want to talk about?
    • Nope!  Sometimes we simply feel like we need to connect with another, and those can lead to amazing conversations.  Even more, sometimes we think we know what we want to talk about, but God has something different in mind!
  • What if I'm uncomfortable with the idea of being on a podcast?
    • Not a problem, because we're not making a podcast episode!  This ministry is about the conversation itself, and if in the end the recording is only for you, that's great!  However, I have had so many conversations with folks who would have been nervous about sharing their voice, and in the end felt like God was inviting them to give their recording as a gift to others.  Some of the most powerful episodes of the podcast are from folks who never wanted to be on one!  So, the podcast is just a potential bonus byproduct, but I believe it could become a gift you give to the world.
  • What if I want to tell people about my book/website/content/etc?
    • That is great, but this time is not about self-promotion, but rather you and I authentically connecting to see what God might have in store.  Your content might come up organically, but direct promotion will be saved for the end.  Listeners will value your content more if they've spent time with the authentic you!
  • If I choose to share our conversation on the podcast, will it be video or audio only?
    • That is up to you; historically, the podcast has always been audio only for the comfort of the guest, but if you are open to video it may open the opportunity for your message to go further.

Are you ready to see where God takes the conversation?

I am excited for the opportunity to hear your story, process difficult topics, and experience what the Spirit has in store for us both... and who knows, you may just inspire others around the world.


“Paul is an amazing guy to have a conversation with, let me tell you. I have to say He was extremely honest and I felt like I could talk to him for a while. I can tell that he cares about his guests and loves them because I felt that love.  If you're looking for a person to really talk about things he's your guy. Loves Jesus and wants to be used in whatever way possible.”

— Johnathan
“Paul facilitates conversations in a way that is so respectful and king, while hitting on topics that are often so difficult or protected areas of our hearts.  I fin the cultivation of seeking and understanding the Lord's thoughts to be such a beautiful reminder of how alive Jesus really is.”

—  Anonymous
“Paul is one of the most spiritually in-tune hosts I've ever heard.  He listens so carefully and adds thoughtful, articulate perspectives.  His voice and manner are smooth and professional.  He cuts way beyond the surface to get to the heart.”

— Anonymous

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Paul is seeking to cultivate authentic, accessible spaces through content creation, neighborhood engagement, and generally being available to however God leads; he would love for you to join the journey!

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